11 Reasons to Keep Job Searching During the Holidays

By Alison Doyle
Updated December 11, 2019
The Balance Careers

Many job seekers take a break from job searching during the holidays. It’s a hectic time of year, and it can be a challenge to juggle getting ready for the holidays with keeping a job hunt moving forward. But, that may be a mistake.
Contrary to what you might think, hiring doesn’t stop during the holiday season. Employers hire when they need new employees. A slower holiday season for some businesses means more time for hiring. It can also mean less competition for available jobs because of the number of job seekers who do take a break from their job hunt.

11 Reasons to Keep Job Searching During the Holidays
Still not sure whether you should call it quits until the New Year? Here are some reasons to keep your job search going during the holiday season.

1. Employers are Hiring: Don’t think for a minute that companies aren’t hiring. Check the job boards, like Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, or Dice, and you will see thousands of available jobs that employers need to fill now. Be sure to check the leading job sites regularly, so you don’t miss out on job leads.

2. Less Competition for Available Jobs: Even though you might need a new job, it can be hard to manage a job search when there are so many other things happening during the holidays. For some people, it’s easier to focus on the season than the job hunt. That’s fine, of course, but if you’re a juggler who can multi-task, you’ll find less competition for jobs. Keeping your job search going could give you a chance for an interview that you may not have got during another time of year. That’s because the candidate pool was more competitive during another time of year. It’s also a good idea to keep your job search organized. Keeping your job search organized will help you manage multiple priorities.

3. More Networking Opportunities: You couldn’t pick a better time of year for networking. There are many social and business holiday functions during November and December when you can connect with people who can help your job search. Don’t be shy. Most people are thrilled to have the opportunity to pay it forward by helping you out, especially during the season of giving.
4. Unemployment Benefits Are Limited
5. Salary and Benefits in Place for the New Year
6. A Temporary Job Could Become Permanent
7. You May Still Get Holiday Time Off
8. You May Be Able to Negotiate a Start Date
9. Extra Money for the Holidays
10. Get a New Wardrobe
11. Use Employee Discounts for Holiday Shopping

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