2015 Smart Connections – Leveraging your Assets and Skills

Smart Connections – Leveraging your Assets and Skills

Date:             Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time:             2:00pm – 5:00 pm (Registration starts at 2pm)

Where:          Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel, 10222 102 Street NW, Edmonton Alberta


“ What can I do with an Engineering degree, apart from being an Engineer?”

In my country of origin, I was an Accountant / Teacher / Health Care Professional. What can I do with my assets here in Canada?”

Some career paths might be deemed as “alternate” to the careers you pursued prior to coming to Canada. We will provide the tools and resources to help you select career paths that may best suit your education, experience, training, aspirations and the local job market. Supply Chain Management, Technical Consulting, Operations Management… there are many alternative careers that Internationally Educated Professionals can explore, both within the industry and elsewhere.

This 3 hour event provides vital skills about how to repackage yourself to find and apply for a successful alternate/temporary career path while pursuing recertification.

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