A Mentee Story: the CMP works!

CM_ERIEClogocMy name is Emmanuel and I migrated from England to Canada and found out about ERIEC through my internet research when I was researching for settlement resources for newcomers to Edmonton.

I approached ERIEC and applied to their Career Mentorship Program (CMP). I was accepted and paired up with Dorothy an excellent mentor. She helped me review my resume and cover letter, and I made a lot adjustments to make them more suitable for Canadian employers. My mentor knows how to make use of great keywords to attract potential employers, and she shared a lot of tips with me.

Despite Dorothy’s busy work schedule and family life, she made lots of effort to meet up with me from time to time and was also very prompt in responding to all my emails.

Later on, I got an interview with a big company in Edmonton and my mentor’s words of encouragement greatly inspired me throughout the whole hiring process.

I finally got the job and am very grateful to ERIEC for matching me with an excellent mentor like Dorothy. I would like to encourage newcomers to Edmonton to contact ERIEC for their Career Mentorship Program.

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