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Why you should attend Prepare for Canada’s Settlement in Alberta Online Fair?

Prepare for Canada online_fairs_transparent_squareAttending the online fair could not be easier.  All you have to do is make sure that you are registered and wait until the fair opens then click on the link in your email to enter the virtual fair.

It is as simple as that, and will only take you a few seconds before you are going from booth to booth, speaking with experts about the many career and education opportunities that are available for newcomers to Canada just like you.

You should make sure that you take full advantage of all of the opportunities that are at the fair so that you get the most out of your time there.  Here are some great tips to ensure that you get the most out of your virtual fair experience.

Know who is going to be there

By attending the fair, you will be able to speak with some of the most dedicated and informed newcomer settlement experts in Canada.  As an attendee, you will learn about many of the programs and initiatives that are available to you before and after you arrive.

Come prepared

You should be ready to present yourself in the best possible light.  This means having digital copies of your resume and any immigration documents that you have.

Use your time effectively

You want to make the most of your time at the fairs.  To do this right, you should make sure that you visit as many booths and speak with as many of the exhibitors as you can.  There will also be a series of live webinars and info sessions to attend where you can hear about some fantastic opportunities for newcomers to Canada.

Why should I settle in Alberta, Canada

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Prepare for Canada’s Settlement In Alberta online fair is the gateway for newcomers to speak to influential settlement, education and career experts in Canada from anywhere in the world.

Alberta is a world leader in the oil and gas industry, and while it is known as Canada’s energy province, it is also home to a vibrant and fast-growing industrial and service economy. Thanks to the opportunities provided by great economic growth, Alberta has become one of the top destinations for immigration to Canada.


Our 2 day online fair will feature live keynote speakers in our auditorium, who will inspire, motivate, and inform you about your new life in Alberta. We’ll cover tips on job hunting, settling in your new province, provide information about education, bridging programs and accreditation for working. Get the expert advice you need to succeed!


Chat with booth reps and expand your network. Find out more about opportunities that exist for someone with your background and skill set. Connect with employer or settlement representatives face-to-face and demonstrate or hone your interpersonal, communication, and professional etiquette skills.


Listen to experts! Speak with advisors one-on-one. Download brochures and flyers. Watch videos. Attend webinar sessions. Register for free training sessions for newcomers. Attend from wherever you are on any device that’s convenient for you!

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