Oct 03

Mentors and Mentees are the Heart of ERIEC

Mentors and mentees are the heart of ERIEC and of our Career Mentorship Program. Last week our Fall cohort began the program.  I asked a new mentor from TELUS some questions about her participation in our program. Karen, an HR Recruitment Consultant, was matched with Nimaya, an HR professional from Sudan. You can see them… Read more »

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Sep 26

Have you ever wondered who participates in ERIEC’s Career Mentorship Program?

This month ERIEC’s 8th Career Mentorship Program cohort started, and it’s our largest ever! 21 mentees have been matched with 20 mentors in this program. We wrote a blog about the program here. The mentees are from all over the world: Bangladesh, China, El Salvador, Egypt, Eritrea, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, South Sudan,… Read more »

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Sep 19

The Power of Mentorship

Last year my wife left the country for 7 weeks setting off to Cuba to manage a group of Canadian women on an agricultural exchange. I suddenly found myself needing to expand on my virtuosity in the kitchen (and a need to take my kitchen skills beyond the barbeque!) as well as increase my repertoire… Read more »

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Sep 12

Speed Career Networking – Win-Win Professional Relationships for All!

Every time I listen to the financial report segment of our local television newscast, I’m reminded of the challenge of making wise investments.  Of course, the financial report is recounting the news about monetary investments, but in the Edmonton business world, time is also a precious commodity.  Business leaders need a good return on the… Read more »

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Sep 12

Career Mentorship Program Winter 2013 Intake – we are recruiting mentees/mentors now!

ERIEC is currently accepting mentor/mentee applications for our Winter intake of the Career Mentorship Program, which starts in the new year! It is an exciting opportunity for internationally trained professionals looking for a Canadian mentor – and for Canadian business professionals seeking an enriching experience in supporting a foreign-trained professional.

Are you a local professional who is looking to give back? An employer wanting to connect with an untapped talent pool in Edmonton? Then consider being a Mentor in the Career Mentorship Program!!!

Are you new to Canada? Are you a foreign-trained professional struggling to find employment in your field? Do you need support in building the networks necessary to become employed to your full potential? Consider the Career Mentorship Program!!

We are currently accepting online applications for mentees. Early applicants have a better chance of being matched with a mentor, so apply soon! Mentor applications are accepted until October 31, 2012. It’s easy to apply! Just go online at http://www.eriec.ca/career-mentorship-program and click on the gold mentee or mentor sign up button!

The process is as follows:

ERIEC screens mentee and mentor applications. Those who meet eligibility requirements are interviewed. We meet mentees in person, and most mentor interviews are conducted over the phone. Successful candidates are matched with a mentee/mentor, using educational and occupational backgrounds as guides for matching.

ERIEC offers support for the mentorship relationships, including orientation for the matched pairs. Each mentee and mentor receives a handbook which includes a roadmap – a week-by-week outline of suggested topics to cover during the 4-month program.

“To ensure a quality match, potential mentees go through a rigorous process. We also interview potential mentors so we can be confident that the pair will be compatible both professionally and on an interpersonal level,” said Jill Chesley, ERIEC Project Coordinator.

For more information about our program, please visit the Career Mentorship Program page of our website. For information on the mentee requirements for the program, please visit Be a mentee. For information on the mentor requirements for the program, please visit Be a mentor.

Mentorship: It makes a difference!

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Sep 06

Catch The Wave!

ERIEC unveiled its new blog called The Wave! It’s a venue to share updates about the movement in Edmonton that ERIEC is leading, along with business, government and immigrant service providers: a relentless force that is shaping, carving and even helping to wash away many of the obstacles faced by internationally-trained professionals and employers facing labour shortages.

Please visit:http://eriecedmonton.wordpress.com/ to catch The Wave!

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Sep 05

What’s ERIEC’s Career Mentorship Program About???

You’ve heard us mention our Career Mentorship Program; we’ve told you about the benefits of mentorship for employers and about how to apply if you want to be a mentee, but we haven’t quite explained what the program is about, or what the time commitment might involve.  So here’s what it’s all about:  It’s about… Read more »

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Aug 29

What are Smart Connections?

What are “Smart Connections”? Well, from my perspective, “Smart Connections” are relationships that bring benefits to all the participating parties.  At ERIEC, “Smart Connections” are integral to everything we do.  We make “Smart Connections” by: – Creating mentoring relationships between local and internationally-trained professionals through our Career Mentorship Program and Speed Career Networking programs; –… Read more »

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