Apr 24

ERIEC presents: A Profile of Violet Poon – Director of Program Development, Immigrant Access Fund Society of Alberta (IAF)

Violet Poon’s work has been supporting the integration of immigrants for almost 7 years through her work at the Bredin Institute, NorQuest College, and now with the Immigrant Access Fund or IAF. The mandate of IAF is to provide loans up to $10 000 to support immigrants by paying for courses or exams so they… Read more »

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Apr 22

Career Mentorship Program – We are recruiting Mentees and Mentors now!

ERIEC is currently accepting mentor applications for the Career Mentorship Program. New mentor/mentee matches begin the program each month! It is a great opportunity for internationally trained professionals looking for a Canadian mentor – and for Canadian business professionals seeking professional development by coaching a skilled immigrant in their job search.

Are you a skilled immigrant who is a Permanent Resident, and unemployed or underemployed? Then apply:http://eriec.ca/career-mentorship-program/ to be a Mentee in the Career Mentorship Program!

Are you a local professional who is looking to develop cross-cultural leadership and coaching skills? An employer wanting to connect with an untapped talent pool in Edmonton? Then apply:http://eriec.ca/career-mentorship-program/ to be a Mentor in the Career Mentorship Program! ERIEC is currently seeking Mentors in these professions:

  • Engineering (all specialties)
  • Accounting (Public, Private, Financial Analysis, Banking)
  • Information Technology (Business Analysts, Systems Analysts)
  • Science (Biologists, Agrologists, Environmental, Soils)
  • Healthcare (Audiologist)
  • Sales and Marketing

“To ensure a quality match, potential mentees go through a rigorous process. We also interview potential mentors so we can be confident that the pair will be compatible both professionally and on an interpersonal level,” said Ruth Moore, ERIEC Program Director.

For more information about our program, please visit the Career Mentorship Program page of our website. For information on the mentee requirements for the program, please visit Be a mentee. For information on the mentor requirements for the program, please visit Be a mentor.

Mentorship: It makes a difference!

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Apr 17

RISE 2013 – Recognition of Immigrant Success – The 10th Anniversary of RISE Awards !

We are only a few weeks before the 2013 RISE (Recognizing Immigrant Success in Edmonton) Awards.  Since 2004, the RISE Awards have been given out to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of immigrants in our city and as well as to those who support them along the way. Hosted by the Edmonton Mennonite Centre… Read more »

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Apr 10

The “Women’s Spring Symposium” – Inspiring Women to Build Local Leadership and Community

Last Sunday the Westin Hotel was the location for an extraordinary learning and networking experience for those who gave up a precious day of their weekend to attend this unique annual event. The morning began with the “Grand Entry” which included the colorful and rhythmic choreography and pageantry of the Yellow Ribbon Dancers, followed by… Read more »

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Apr 02

Strengthening Teamwork and Building More Effective Service Delivery – The City of Edmonton

The  City of Edmonton is running a Canadian Workplace Culture pilot project for their staff who are Internationally Educated Professionals (IEP) and newcomer graduates from Canadian Universities.  Participants are individuals whose first language may not be English; in fact many of them speak three or more languages and English is the most recent language they… Read more »

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Mar 27

Applying to become a Mentee – Is a mentoring relationship worth it?

It’s wonderful to know that many skilled immigrant professionals have benefited from our different programs.  When we receive an online application from a skilled immigrant who has decided to become a mentee in our CareerMentorshipProgram, we really do get EXCITED!  Why such a fuss? Well, first of all, we are thrilled that someone has chosen… Read more »

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Mar 20

The ERIEC Board Welcomes Yasmeen Nizam: A unique set of leadership skills and perspective to global talent attraction and integration here in Edmonton!

It is with great excitement that we welcome Yasmeen Nizam to the ERIEC (Edmonton Regional Immigrant Employment Council) Board of Directors. ERIEC is all about helping economic immigrants achieve their maximum potential in their careers in the Edmonton Capital Region. As we look to expand our board we welcome dynamic individuals such as Yasmeen who… Read more »

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Mar 14

New ERIEC Staff Announcement!

Ruth Moore has recently accepted our offer of employment as the Program Director. Her first day in her new position was on March 1st, 2013. Ruth was hired as our Special Projects Facilitator at ERIEC 9 months ago and was responsible for the development of ERIEC’s 2012–2013 Speed Career Networking events, the launch of ERIEC’s blog “theWave” and most recently our very successful Global Talent Conference which was held at the Fantasyland Hotel Conference Centre at West Edmonton Mall on February 28th, 2013. Ruth brings extensive professional and program management experience to the team, that includes a background in program development, event planning, social media engagement and relationship management in the non-profit, settlement, technology, and education and training sectors. She is recognized by her peers as an enthusiastic “people person” capable of inspiring others to achieve challenging objectives.

Elena Chernaeva, formerly of the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN), has also joined the ERIEC team as of March 11th as our new Project Coordinator for Special Projects. At EMCN, Elena was a Career Employment Consultant and the CIIP (Canadian Immigrant Integration Program) Online Advisor for Northern Alberta. She brings to the ERIEC team a wide range of experience working with employers,government, regulatory bodies, academic, ethno-cultural communities and immigrant service provider stakeholders . Elena also has extensive experience in program development and management.

Welcome aboard, Ruth and Elena, to the mighty ERIEC team!

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