RISE Employer Awards

The RISE Employer Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruitment, retention, integration and promotion of foreign trained employees.

Since 2004, the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers RISE Awards has recognized the outstanding achievements and contributions of immigrants and the positive and innovative support of those who walk alongside them. Through the Employer Awards, we acknowledge the role of employers in immigrant success where organizational best practices result in welcoming and inclusive workplaces.

Employer Awards Categories

Stragetic Leadership Award

This award will recognize an employer who demonstrates strategic leadership through the development and implementation of an initiative, practice or suite of practices that break down employment barriers for Internationally Trained Professionals. This employer has implemented the practice or suite of practices to address one of the following: attraction, retention, integration or development of Internationally Trained Professionals.

Individual Achievement Award

This award will recognize an individual who has demonstrated leadership and innovation in integrating Internationally Trained Professionals in the workplace.

Outstanding Workplace Award

This award will recognize an employer who has established cultural diversity practices and initiatives that facilitate the success of Internationally Trained Professionals in the workplace. These practices recognize the skill, experience and contributions of Internationally Trained Professionals and result in their fair and ethical treatment.

ERIEC Mentoring Award

This award will recognize an employer for outstanding contributions in guiding, supporting and promoting the training and career development of Internationally Trained Professionals through mentorship within the organization or in the community at large. This employer contributes to the culture of mentorship in the Edmonton region.

Small Business Excellence Award

Small businesses have unique challenges relating to recruitment, integration and retention of Internationally Trained Professionals. This award recognizes a small business that is piloting or has implemented initiatives, practices or has outcomes that demonstrate excellence in facilitating the success Internationally Trained Professionals in their company.

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