Career Strategy Made Simple: NOW, NEXT & FUTURE

Dr. Dave E. Redekopp, President Life-Role Development Group Limited

Photo_Dave RedekoppA winner of numerous awards in career development, Dave has devoted over 25 years to the development of better career development concepts and practices. His work has addressed issues ranging from helping at-risk teens manage their career paths to working with executives to make their companies more career-friendly.

Dave has also been a Governor of the Canadian Career Development Foundation, a Director of the Canada Career Consortium, and the Director of Program Development for the Centre for Career Development Innovation. He is an Honorary Member of the Career Development Association of Alberta.

Career Strategy Made Simple: NOW, NEXT & FUTURE

This session will build on Todd Hirsch’s keynote about Alberta’s economy. What do you do with the kind of information Mr. Hirsch provided, or any other labour market information? Which pieces of information are particularly important to your career path? Where does it fit into your planning process?

You will learn how to decide what you need to do in the next few months (NOW), what you might be doing in a year or two (NEXT) and where this is all taking you (FUTURE). You will learn a simple (but not simplistic!) model of seeing your overall pathway. This will help you be more successful immediately, but it will also help you manage changes in the economy, the labour market and, of course, within yourself.