Diversity Magazine

A very interesting online resource to keep you updated on the latest diversity news in Edmonton. Here is the Diversity Magazine message: 

Today, we as Diversity Magazine are proud to present a way to share through print and online versions of Diversity Magazine in English, French, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog and Mandarin how 250+ communities can live in harmony in Edmonton, as well as, how organizations in Edmonton can use diversity as a strategic advantage for effective engagement of their diverse workforce and the clients/customers they serve.

Diversity Magazine started in December 2012 as Afro-Canadian Magazine and has evolved into Diversity Magazine in December 2014 with a focus on building a better Alberta through diversity and inclusion. It is located on 8819 118Av, Edmonton. To subscribe to FREE weekly Diversity Online and bi-monthly glossy print editions of Diversity Magazine, please go to http://www.diversitymag.ca/diversity-online/

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