EMCN serving Visible Minority Women

The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN) is proud to announce their new Visible Minority Women Employment Success project.

Visible minority newcomer women often struggle to find and maintain meaningful employment for a number of reasons. These include cultural barriers, hesitation to participate fully in mixed-gender skills training, and lack of a professional network.

The Visible Minority Women Employment Success project will address the unique barriers faced by visible minority newcomer women and will empower this demographic to find and maintain gainful employment though skill development, mentorship and networking.

NOTE: Gainful employment is described as work that has meaning, work that one enjoys, work that one feels successful and happy at, work that is fairly paid, and work where growth and opportunity exists,

Group and individual sessions will build the women’s skills; offering experiential (hands-on) learning opportunities such as workplace visits and mock interviewing will strengthen the women’s confidence in exploring the labour market.

Mentorship and working one-one-one with a Job Developer will help them identify their unique strengths and align these strengths with a job profile and a suitable employer.

Staff will support both women and their employers to ensure that once on the job, the women not only keep their jobs, but also grow and advance in their workplaces.

Immigrant women can immediately connect with one of EMCN’s career and employment counsellors for on-on-one support, and in April 1, 2019 , 6 week long part time group sessions will be available.

Services are available for those still trying to get ready for work, and for those ready for work who just need a boost in their job search skills and connections to employers.

Mentorships are also available, with women in our program being matched with a mentor who will be their support and provide information and guidance.

For more information contact EMCN staff at any of their locations:            http://emcn.ab.ca/interactions/contact_us.html