Gustave Gatabazi – A New Canadian’s Story

Gustave3I immigrated to Canada from Africa in October, 2009 and landed straight away in Vancouver.  As a new immigrant I did not know what to expect. I was curious and nervous at the same time.  I felt welcomed and I started to adjust to the new system and my new home.  I met with other immigrants from different countries we all became friends.  During my time in Vancouver I was working and going to school at the same time. It was exhausting, but exciting!

In September, 2012, I moved from Vancouver to Edmonton and Edmonton became very exciting to me! I made many friends in a short period of time, and I found a job very quickly. The Immigrant and Settlement agencies in Edmonton were more than helpful to me.

In March, 2013, I became permanent resident and I was very happy!  During that same year in September I went back to school (college) which I graduated from later in April of 2014.  After my graduation I started working in my field of study as a program assistant at ERIEC.  I really love my job so much! As an immigrant myself I understand what people go through when they are new in Canada.  I feel that through my job I am helping professional immigrants establish themselves here in Edmonton.


Recently on December 21st, 2017 I became a Canadian Citizen and I am again very happy. Canada has become my home now and it is in an honour and a privilege to be called “Canadian”.  This country has given me everything: it has put back a smile on my face and has restored my life which had been previously affected by painful experiences throughout my early life.  I love Canada, I am grateful to Canada, and I will always be faithful to this wonderful country that has welcomed me and made me its own child.