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HR in a Box Workshop Series provided by Talent Pool

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If only HR was as simple as having everything you need in a box! In partnership with local partners and with the support of the HRIA and the Ministry of Labour, the Talent Pool has developed the 2016-2017 HR in a Box Series to share best practices and innovative solutions designed to help organizations of all sizes build knowledge and capacity.

The series is designed for Small & Medium Sized businesses, HR Professionals, NFP Executive Management, and Line Managers who have the responsibility of overseeing their organization’s most important asset, its people.

Each workshop of 3 hours or 3.5 hours qualifies for 3 CPD credits for HR professionals. The entire series of HR in a Box on the Road – 6 sessions x 3.5 hours – is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant that employers can access to get 2/3 of the training costs reimbursed. Click on one of the buttons below for event dates and more details.

Edmonton – HR in a Box – Cycle 2

Session #1 – September 26, 2017 – Workforce Planning

Session #2 – October 24, 2017 – Retention Strategies

Session #3 – November 28, 2017 – Strategic Performance Management

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In addition, valuable information about the Immigrants in the Canadian workforce can be find here: