I’m Glad You Asked Me That

I’m Glad You Asked Me That
Communication for Success: Telling Your Story Effectively

Have you ever walked out of a job interview feeling like they just didn’t ask you the right questions? Were you given the chance to tell them important things about yourself and your skills?

This hands-on workshop is all about the importance of your story and how to convey it with confidence, in both job interviews and networking opportunities.

In this session you will:

  • Develop key messages (your story) that potential employers will remember;
  • Learn tips for communicating your story, so that you stand out in the crowd;
  • Understand the importance of your soft skills: body language and tone

You will develop your messages and your elevator pitch, use them in practice interviews and get feedback to help you improve.

Presenters: Corinne Saad and Shauna Young, Ibis Communications

Corinne Saad

Corinne Saad’s communication career began as a journalist with the BBC World Service in the Middle East and London, producing a variety of programs focusing both on international and local issues. She immigrated to Edmonton 20 years ago and began her career as a CBC reporter and producer. In 1998 she took on the role of running the CBC Edmonton radio newsroom, eventually sharing the job with Shauna Young. In 2008, Corinne and Shauna left CBC to establish ibis communications.

Shauna Young
Shauna Young’s communication experience began journalist in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. She worked primarily for CBC as a television reporter, producer and news anchor, and radio reporter, producer, host and finally running the CBC radio newsroom in Edmonton with Corinne Saad. In 2008 they left journalism to establish ibis communications.

Ibis communications
Corinne Saad and Shauna Young are co-owners of ibis communications, specializing in communication and media training workshops, facilitation and writing. We help a diverse group of clients discover their stories and learn how to tell them in a persuasive, interesting and memorable way. Our clients range from government, to not-for-profit organizations, business and industry.

At ibis, we believe the only way to really learn something new is by doing it. So our workshops are always hands-on. You’ll get time to practice what you’re learning and you’ll get feedback so you can improve. We make sure our workshops make you feel comfortable, and there’s a good chance you’ll even have some fun!