Mangulal Halai: A Success Story!

My name is Mangulal Halai, I came to Edmonton in October 2014 from UK. Through a networking event, I got to know about ERIEC, and I decide to apply to the Career Mentorship Program in June 2015. I got accepted into the program in September, and I was lucky to matched with a mentor in October.

My mentor, despite his own setback, helped me maintain a positive mental attitude and gave me essential advice when it came to tailoring my resumes and cover letters. As well as the excellent mentorship from my mentor and all the encouragement from ERIEC,  I have found the monthly Intercultural Workshops (at NorQuest College) to have been of immense benefit to me. This is something that I began to look forward to every month as it got me out of my normal routine and small circle of friends. It’s always great to meet up with my fellow newcomers and share ideas and experiences. I also like that we can chat with the other mentors there who all made themselves approachable and easy to talk with.

The biggest things I got out from my involvement with ERIEC – and what I would in turn advise others – are :

1)      Stay positive – I applied to more things and went out more to meet people than when I was down.

2)      Be prepared – I researched interview techniques, made a list of as many interview questions I thought were going to be asked and some I should ask and then prepared and practiced all my answers. I used my phone camera to record /playback everything so I could find ways of improving..

3)      Keep improving – don’t think you’ve done everything you can, you can always do more. I’m doing volunteer work, attending various free courses at my local library and got a first aider certificate. Doesn’t matter how small or relevant it is, find something.

4)      Never give up – keep applying, keep on going, it will happen. Before I joined ERIEC, I had applied to 20-25 jobs in 12 months or so but no luck, then, especially after talking with my mentor, I applied to 25-30 jobs in 3 months.

It has been a privilege to be included in the ERIEC experience.  As a new permanent resident in Edmonton, I am so grateful and also very impressed that the Canadian government, and IRCC in particular, is funding this sort of invaluable enablement and support though organisations like ERIEC. Long may it continue so that others like me can also benefit in the future.

During the program, I have got a job offer from a well-known organization. I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to all of you at ERIEC for all your patience, support and encouragement!