Meeting new people: why, who, and how…

Nadine Riopel, President & Founder, Nadine Riopel Professional Services

Nadine believes that relationships and connections are the secret to success in any endeavour, which is why she is passionate about helping people develop their networks through her speaking, facilitation, and training work. She is the creator of the We Hate Networking Club support and educational organization.




Frankline Agbor, Executive Producer, Diversity Magazine

What happens when diversity and inclusion are the key ingredients of your organizational model and a core part of your hiring process rather than the icing on the cake? Experience it firsthand with speaker Frankline Agbor; a community builder with the conviction of a man with a mission, combined with the success of sustained community projects. In a world where media and journalism are struggling to make ends meet, Diversity Magazine has developed a flourishing business in both Edmonton and Calgary that can hardly keep up with local demand.