New ERIEC’s Mentorship Model

Introducing New ERIEC’s Mentorship Project – A Model built for 2017 and beyond!

By Tetyana Khramova

For just over 8 years now, ERIEC has successfully managed the Career Mentorship Program and the legacy and results have been nothing short of impressive! The team has always strived to improve upon each year based on our original mentorship delivery model, but it was time to “re-invigorate and re-design” our version of peer-to-peer mentorship in order for us to be more effective and responsive to the needs of internationally trained professionals and ultimately achieve higher outcomes!

We could not have completed this project on our own, so we collaborated with NorQuest College and their Center for Intercultural Education to explore new and innovative ways for mentors to assist their mentees in “building bridges” to a successful career here in Edmonton.

We also hosted a soft launch breakfast event at the Alberta Art Gallery on May 31st where we presented to the public and various community stakeholders the results from our research project which was well received by all those who attended.

In addition, we distributed the newly printed Career Mentorship & Resource Guide –which is also available on-line in a flip-book format. You can find it here at this link. This new guide will support mentees and mentors to help them identify career transition needs; provide focus on specific knowledge, skills or strategies; help to map and flexibly navigate emerging career transition needs and help them to learn more about the role of mentorship for career transitioning.

The Career Mentorship Map & Resource Guide includes links to resources for:

  1. Job Search
  • Identify Profession in Canada
  • Network for Job Opportunities
  • Search for Jobs
  • Create Cover Letters and Resumes
  • Prepare for Job Interviews
  1. Job Retention
  • Identify and Set Goals
  • Use Onboarding Supports
  • Refine & Adapt Skills
  • Locate Bridges
  • Adapt Approach to Work
  • Build Networks & Relationships
  1. Career Management and Advancement
  • Articulate Career Aspirations
  • Set Career Goals
  • Set Professional Development Goals
  • Build Relationships & Networks
  1. Career Change
  • Identify Transferable skills, aptitudes & strengths
  • Identify Niche Jobs
  • Identify Alternate Job Requirements
  • Network New Career Opportunities
  • Refine & Adapt Skills

The Guide also contains an Appendix entitled “Good and Emerging Mentorship Practices” and covers the following topics:

  • Mentorship for Resilience
  • Mentorship for Navigating Employment in Canada
  • Mentorship for Immigrant Engagement with Workplace
  • Mentorship to Connect with Professional Networks

Based on our pilot results the Career Mentorship Map & Resource Guide will be very useful for ERIEC mentors and mentees, as well as career counselors and others who are interested or involved in supporting Internationally Trained Professionals finding their ‘career feet’  in Canada.