Research on Canadian Workplace Etiquette for Professional Immigrants

Dear Friends of The Wave,   

ERIEC is working with Dr. Lai of the University of Calgary to assist them to recruit for interview candidates for a very important research project. This project will examine the socio-cultural interactions and issues related to etiquettes faced by professional immigrants in the workplace. For professional immigrants, while some of them are able to secure employments in their own professions, they are often challenged by the different cultural expectation and socio-cultural rules and customs that could be hidden and unwritten.  

Through this research project, they hope to conduct personal interviews with professional immigrants in the workplaces as well as employers and service providers for immigrants to identify these challenges and the approaches that could be useful for providing training and mentorship to these professional immigrants. 

Dr. Lai is interested in recruiting the following:

1) Immigrant professionals who are 18 years or older, either employed or unemployed, have applied to Canada as an economic immigrant using your professional qualifications and credentials and can speak English.

2) Immigrant service providers who are volunteers, staff of a settlement organizations or employment agencies working with immigrants.

The interviewees will be participating on a volunteer basis. To arrange for an interview please contact Dr. Lai’s research assistant, Rosslynn Zulla, directly at: 

(780) 952-0099

[email protected]

ERIEC is committed to help researchers in their endeavours and we encourage our partners to consider participating in this survey.  
Thank you!