Restored confidence – a mentee story

Rose M., Human Resources Professional

My name is Rose, and I am originally from Zimbabwe. When I arrived in Canada, I was optimistic about finding a professional job because I had been employed in highly sought after companies and possessed what I thought was a broad based skill set. It was a shock when I arrived that the only jobs that I could find work in were in unskilled labour. I was referred to the Bredin Centre for Learning, where I was told that I would get help. Bredin advised me to have my qualifications assessed and also referred me to ERIEC for their Career Mentorship Program.

At ERIEC, I was paired with an amazing mentor, who was generous with her time and advice. She coached me on job search strategies, interviewing skills and because she had also immigrated to Canada, she empathized with my challenges. During the Mentorship program, I attended the Intercultural Workshops run by NorQuest College which boosted my confidence and made me understand workplace etiquette better. I also learnt effective networking strategies. I also met with other mentees and support networks and friendships blossomed because we shared experiences and encouraged each other.

I got a job while I was still in the ERIEC Mentorship Program but it was not in the sector I wanted to work, but I got to use a lot of my transferable skills. I took it, and I still continued to search for jobs in Human Resources on the side. I was happy because my mentor and ERIEC had restored my confidence and ability. Later on, I was able to find a job in my field and work as a Recruiter in a Placement Agency and find my work very fulfilling. I thank all the hardworking staff at ERIEC for walking this journey with me. I am also appreciative of my awesome mentor.