Stephen and Ron  – An ERIEC Connector Story

The Connector Program is a formalized networking initiative that helps professional immigrants broaden their professional network through one-on-one meetings with established business leaders/peers who work in the same field.

ERIEC’s Super Connector Ron Graham met with Dimimu Stephen Akinola who is a connectee in the ERIEC Connector Program. Stephen, who recently moved to Edmonton from Nigeria, reached out to ERIEC to participate in the program. Stephen is interested in expanding his network within the information technology sector.  Ron’s IT experience and connections with various organizations made him the ‘right fit’ to assist Stephen to navigate the field right here in the Edmonton region.

“It was a wonderful experience as it provided me the opportunity to learn from an IT expert about Canadian work culture. I also learned what is expected of an employee in a Canadian corporate environment”, says Stephen.

Stephen (left) and Ron (right), meeting Jan 30, 2019

Ron is a great supporter of the Connector Program. He appreciates meeting newcomers and is amazed at their drive and resilience. “They bring a lot of hope and determination as they learn to adapt to life here in Canada”, Ron stated.  He welcomes those newcomers who have chosen Edmonton to begin their new life. “Many newcomers and immigrants leave their ‘comfort zones’ and take risks by starting over in a new environment with limited social capital and / or networks”.

Since Ron joined the program as a Connector back in 2017, he has met with 5 connectees including Stephen. Four of the Connectees are already working in their field. We look forward to the day when Stephen joins the group of Ron’s success stories.

If you are a professional immigrant, Permanent Resident, currently in Edmonton, and interested in ERIEC’s Connector Program, please contact the Coordinator Sarah Tangan at 780-497-8866 or [email protected]