Oct 19

Designing Your Own Life

By Guest Blogger Amanda Zirk Ten years ago, Svetlana Pavlenko and her husband were invited by the Canadian Government to bring their skills, knowledge, and expertise to Alberta. This was the opportunity of a lifetime, so they left their friends, family, and jobs behind in Siberia to move to Canada. When Svetlana arrived in Edmonton,… Read more »

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Sep 23

Changing Gears

This interview with Marie Gervais on Edmonton Woman Magazine talks about barriers and successes of women and immigrants to Canada. Marie Gervais is the owner and CEO of Edmonton’s Shift Management, a company at the forefront of e-learning services, intercultural workplace integration and leadership training. Gervais holds a PhD in Culture and Learning with international… Read more »

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Jul 07

Bursary for Immigrant Women

By Dahlia Orcajada, Digital Communications Specialist Immigrant Access Fund Canada If you are an immigrant woman in Alberta you can apply for the Every Woman Can: The Maria Eriksen Memorial Bursary to support your professional development. The Calgary Foundation is accepting applications until July 27, 2015.  There are six bursaries available at $1,000 each applied directly to tuition. Following is the… Read more »

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