Terrified of Networking?

By Martha Vega-Smith, P.Eng. Guest Blogger

Not long ago I was employed, and once in a while I would meet someone looking to re-enter the workforce. When they got in touch immediately after we met, or followed up on a job posting, they stuck in my mind.

I was more likely to consider or recommend them for a job, not because I wanted to get rid of them, but because they showed interest in the company and its opportunities, in other words they cared enough to follow up.

What I admired back then in those fellow colleagues, is the same thing I have felt uncomfortable doing now that I am unemployed.

So why is it that we dread networking, or engaging in casual conversations that could expand our connections, even feel embarrassed doing that? Some say:

  • I don’t want to bother others
  • I am not good at small talk
  • It doesn’t feel authentic or sincere, it’s not me

We may also perceive the loss of our job as a loss of part of our worth.

Real or not, the barriers are there, so how we overcome them?

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