To get a Career you Need a Map!

By Marie Gervais, PhD., CEO Shift Management Inc

ERIEC Supporter and Guest Blogger

If you have been in Canada for several months or years and are frustrated with getting into your career, you may have a “wrong map” problem. The path to career success is different in every country and old or wrong maps will not get you to where you want to go. Yesterday I talked to a friend who spent six months trying to get into a program that doesn’t exist – and hasn’t existed for a year already – for a job no one is hiring for anymore. She was using the wrong map, doing it on her own and when frustrated, talking to people who didn’t have the right answers.

Sound familiar? The answer is the Canadian Workplace Career Club. It has online recourses 24/7 and live group coaching sessions to help you with every step of the job search process from starting out, to keeping the job or changing careers, and everything in between for 12 full months of support!  And everything inside the club is current, relevant and targeted for career success.

This is what you get inside the club:

Weekly LIVE sessions and videos to:

  1. Weekly LIVE sessions and videos to:

-Find work in your field
-Understand Canadian workplace culture expectations
-Build your career in Canada so you aren’t stuck in a survival job
-Develop self-awareness and intercultural communication skills
-Grow a professional network that will survive any recession
-Ongoing access downloadable resources to use for every job situation

2. Monthly bite -sized course content from our two award-winning courses: Canadian Workplace Certificate Course and  Find the Job You Want mini course delivered to your inbox and available on our career club platform weekly. Finish the years subscription with a certificate in: Intercultural Workplace Competency; Canadian Version, looks great on your resume!

3. A lively network of professionals who help each other and support everyone’s career development, sharing in the difficulties in celebrating the successes!

4. Monthly interviews with experts in specific jobs and industries providing you with ways to get into the industry.

5. Resources, tip sheets, templates, videos, group coaching sessions, resume boot camps and much, much more!

When you sign up for the club there is a career roadmap ready for you to download and use, seven job-search videos and access to a three section mini-course called “Finding the job you want”.

Get all the details here:

But don’t wait too long! Our first club membership drive will end and after November 12th and won’t reopen again until the new year.

People have wonderful things to say about Canadian Workplace:

“I wish I would have had access to these resource and videos when I first came to Alberta. They most certainly would have helped me avoid a lot of wasted time, frustration, and cultural errors in communication with employers as I looked for work.” Landry Bankole

“I didn’t know what was going on or why I didn’t get the job. Now I have a solid overview of the whole job process and I feel very confident. That confidence in knowing the process helped me find work in my field.”  Marsieh Khodadady 

“What stands out for me is how easy it is to feel blindsided by cultural issues that I would have never even imagined could exist. With Canadian Workplace I am discovering to what degree I did not know how much I didn’t know” Paul Dery

“There is simply no other way to understand the subtle quirks of Canadian work culture. I learned those secrets that born and bred Canadians just know.” – Huw Davis

Would you like the first seven days free and access all the start up resources right away? Here’s the link!