Wendy Rabel: at Stantec people first!

By ERIEC staff

Mentors are essential to ERIEC programs, as they really make a significant impact on skilled immigrants’ career path.  In a series of blogs we will recognize our top mentors who participated in both Career Mentorship Program and Speed Career Networking events.  Today we would like to introduce Wendy Rabel, one of our most committed and valuable supporters.

What is your name, occupation and company?

Wendy Rabel, Recruitment Specialist, Oil & Gas
Stantec Consulting, Edmonton Capital Region

Where did you hear about ERIEC?

Stantec has been supporting the work of ERIEC for a number of years and I was introduced to the organization when I started in my role in June 2012.

Why did you choose to get involved in the Speed Networking Program?

The Speed Networking Program was an opportunity to meet face-to-face with ERIEC’s clients and to hear the stories of the people behind the resumes.

What would you like people to know about Speed Networking programs?

To other HR/Recruitment professionals, I would say that these events are an opportunity to expand your horizons and hear some very interesting perspectives. You will come away from a Speed Networking event feeling inspired.

What would you say to people who are thinking about signing up for ERIEC’s programs?

ERIEC is an organization that truly cares about the people they serve and they provide an invaluable resource to our new community members. I have been so impressed with how they bring the many resources available in Edmonton together into one place for new Edmontonians to access. They are also pivotal in educating and creating awareness in our business community about the often untapped resource of our new immigrant population. They put a friendly face on what can be a very difficult and discouraging process.

Please comment on the value of the Speed Networking events and benefits to your organization?

I love the way these events are organized! I have the opportunity to meet up to 30 people in an afternoon and have great conversations. I come away from these events with new insight and ideas for our organization on how to support and integrate ERIEC clients into our workforce. I appreciate the way this event is positioned differently from a traditional career fair. It offers greater opportunity for a higher calibre of conversations between networkers and company representatives.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I feel honoured to support the work ERIEC is doing in our community and want to extend a special thanks to all the ERIEC staff who work so hard to organize events and deliver quality programming and service to their clients. At Stantec, one of our core values is putting people first. ERIEC honours us with the opportunity to connect directly to our community and to assist new Edmontonians in strengthening their job search and business communication skills.

Thank you Wendy!
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