Shreyans: A Mentee Success Story!

My name is Shreyans, I immigrated to Canada along with my family in 2016, and I decided to land in Edmonton, Alberta.

My professional background is in Mechanical Engineering, when I first came here, it was difficult for me to get any employment in the initials stages. I applied for all jobs available online but I didn’t get any interview. I heard about ERIEC Career Mentorship Program through an immigrant service agency, and made efforts to join this program in May 2017, and I got a mentor in July 2017. I received guidance towards achieving my professional goals through my mentor. My mentor followed a strategic approach towards targeting my job preferences as well as career development.

ERIEC provided us with a lot of workshops during the program. Through those workshops, it became easier for me to apply for the jobs that I was looking for, and I also start to understand how to prepare for interviews. My mentor also suggested interview techniques through which I can excel in my interviews. I finally landed a job in my field.

I would highly encourage new immigrants to participate in this program and get benefited. Thank you ERIEC for all the support!