Career Mentorship Program


The Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC) offers the Edmonton corporate sector a strategic approach to addressing talent attraction and talent retention issues that are affecting their bottom line. When management and human resources professionals are engaged in ERIEC‘s Career Mentorship program, a shift begins to a corporate culture of belonging and understanding that is attractive to the top talent in a diverse marketplace. By engaging as mentors, local business professionals improve their cross-cultural leadership and management skills, develop intercultural competencies and have ‘no strings attached’ opportunities to assess potential recruits for their organizations without incurring professional development or recruitment costs.

Mentors help prepare mentees to be more effective in their job search and to improve their job readiness by introducing them to professional networks and providing advice related to their chosen professions. A mentor does not find the mentee a job.


Be a Mentee

Career Mentees are newcomers who have the language, knowledge and business experience to succeed in the workplace, but need the opportunity to get their foot in the door. A Career Mentee is an individual who wants to work with an experienced individual; seeking information, knowledge, advice and support required to achieve certain career goals.

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Be a Mentor

A Career Mentor is an experienced business professional who shares his or her experience and wisdom to help a career mentee reach important career goals. A career mentor provides insights into local employment practices, Canadian workplace culture and market conditions to help a career mentee increase employability, knowledge and networks.

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Program Overview

Occupation specific mentoring for skilled newcomers has proven to be an effective tool in providing access to professional advice and networks that improve access to the labour market. The Career Mentorship Program is a collaborative effort between the Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC), immigrant service providers and corporate partners that brings together professional newcomers (mentees) and established Canadian professionals (mentors) in occupation-specific mentoring.

The Career Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for professional newcomers to develop an understanding of Canadian workplace culture, build professional networks and gain knowledge on how to better integrate into the local labour market.

Program Structure

Increasing access to mentoring improves employment opportunities for professional newcomers, which in turn addresses labour market issues and results in greater value added to the regional economy.

The Career Mentorship Program is structured in the following way:

  1. ERIEC recruits corporate partners within the Edmonton business sector – Career Mentors.
  2. Matching of mentors and mentees based on compatibilities in education, work experience, career goals, and professional affiliations.
  3. Separate orientation sessions conducted for mentors and mentees.
  4. Upon successful completion of the orientation, the first meeting between mentors and mentees is facilitated. The Career Mentorship Agreement is signed by both the mentor and mentee.
  5. Mentors and mentees work together for a total of 24 hours over a 4 month period. ERIEC provides on-going support throughout the duration of the mentorship relationship as required. ERIEC also contacts the mentor and mentee periodically to monitor the relationship and ensure the set objectives are being reached.
  6. An evaluation survey is completed by both mentor and mentee once the mentorship relationship ends.
  7. An awards recognition program for mentor and mentee ‘graduates’.